Why Is Psychic Wellbeing So Important?

In addition to the physical levels of support we need like yoga, exercise, detox, and a healthy diet, there is an equally important practice we all need to engage – psychic clearing!

We are all alive as energy – in fact, everything is energy only! Therefore, every day, everything we do is a form of energetic communication. All the people we meet and the places we go are ‘communicating’ to us, as we are to them. Unfortunately, we are often encountering many negative vibes in the form of moods and emotions such as fear, sorrow, and anger. (We can even pick up subtle energies from our environment that have been left behind by the people who were there before us…). As these subtle energy communications build up in our aura, we become weighed down by the ‘psychic toxicity’, which in turn can affect our overall wellbeing. It is, therefore, an important part of life these days to be able to clear and release these energies we pick up, and over time, learn how to remain psychically clear.

Here is a list and brief description of the powerful Alchymeic Energies that have been specifically designed to help us with psychic clearing.

(PS – if you would like to learn more about our basic practice for supporting Psychic Clearing, click here – https://www.facebook.com/notes/energy-alchymie-happiness/psychic-clearing-keeping-your-energy-clear/365774333514042)


Psychic Clearing WANDS:

There is a good selection of individual Wands that you can carry with you throughout your day to help with Psychic Clearing.

Don’t Fence Me In – This Energy is given to help clear us of all kinds of possession that keeps us feeling fenced in. View Wand In Shop

Lifestream – We suffer from an extreme over-intrusiveness by presences that have commonly and fashionably come to be known as ‘alien’. This Wand’s Energy clears the kinds of influence that we tend to pick up from computers, media, phones, TV’s and all manner of technology. View Wand In Shop

Nuclear Tracker – This Wand is to energetically track areas of negativity, or shadow, or that which is a contraction away from the Light, and to dissolve such negativity at its source. View Wand In Shop

Quantum Vacuum – What if we could vacuum the circumstance of the day away as if it never was… View Wand In Shop

No Law For Negativity – This Energy moves to penetrate and dissolve the many forms of negative communication, providing auric-field protection, restoring us to the ‘bigger vision’. View Wand In Shop



There is also a collection of individually handcrafted pieces of jewellery that hold very powerful Psychic Clearing intentions. Each one holds the intention to support us in our journey of transformation and helps protect us from the intrusive elements of our day to day living. Click here to read full descriptions of the psychic clearing Pendants.

Cats Eye Nebula – This brilliant Energy protects us from the ‘evil eye’ or all the projections and negative energetics from people and places. Click here to view this Pendant in our Jewellery Shop.

Maha – Maha has a really beautiful, supporting influence, while it addressed any negative energies around us by transmuting them into Light. Click here to view this Pendant in our Jewellery Shop.

Excalibur – The Energy of this Pendant is about helping us to cut through life and all its demands with real force and intelligence, while also helping us to regain our navel or strength. A powerful clearing tool for all the negative communications we have to endure throughout our days… Click here to view this Pendant in our Jewellery Shop.

Hermetic Salamander – This Energy is a furnace of empowerment. It helps to transmute encroaching energetic negativity by turning it into a force of Light, which we can then use to meet the challenges and demands. Click here to view this Pendant in our Jewellery Shop.



The Energy Houses hold the intention to clear the psychic environment of a whole environment – a room, building and beyond. They ‘hold’ a space often referred to as sanctuary, an environment that is clear and aligned to supporting our highest potential.

Out of all the Energy Houses available, the Bright Room Energy House is considered the most potent in Psychic Clearing.

The Bright Room – The Bright Room Energy House is a tool that is used to psychically and energetically purify the environment in which it is placed. Click here to read more about this Enery House.