Marque Spacer Six

To integrate the diversity of Alchymeic Energies available as Discs, a product was designed to allow us to receive and integrate more than just one Disc Energy at a time. The Six Spacers are designed to hold a minimum of 6 Discs at once.

The Six Spacers are given the energetic intention that “prior intelligence” be operative for the combination of Energies at any one time. Therefore, Discs can be stacked, and combinations of related Energies received without diminishing or confusing the Energetic Intention.

Each Marque Spacer has a unique energetic intention which changes the direction, or flavor of the Discs being combined on it. This can be felt and demonstrated by receiving a certain combination of Disc Energies on one Spacer, then receiving them on a different Spacer. The experience is remarkably different. Read the descriptions below for their individual intentions.

Marque 1 Six Spacer

Colour: Black Jewels: Rubies with a central Diamond

Rubies were used to ground and bring the Energy into the current of flowing life through the body. The diamond, holding the Fractalised point of dissolution of Mind. Representing the feminine ‘body’ position; The emotional coil that drives the machine of the personality; the well of the particular stance of the body. Earth… Emotional Coil… Or feminine disposition. The feminine position looks in and up.

Marque 2 Six Spacer

The Colour is Blue. The edge is slightly in from the clear base. The stones are all Diamonds: 7 Diamonds. The Centre Plate reads Divine Cosmic Actuality Spacer Mk.2.

Mk. 2 arrived by accident… The design, cut in from the edge, was serendipitous from the manufacturers. Although Blue was asked for with Diamonds, the actual sizing when witnessed was impactual… thus the design as it presently exists. The energetics of this Alchymeic design has moved the energy to address the Upper Coil – or the male position. The male disposition identifies with a point, central to the Upper Coil, which looks out and down in relation to the world, i.e. sees the world as a playground. Thus the Blue – transformation of mind And the Diamonds – the clarification and transformation of mental functions to allow the release of the usual mentalisation of the Male stance, over and against the ‘body’ position of the Female, which the Mk.1 represents.

Marque 3 Six Spacer

Gold in colour. Jewels:    Emeralds and a central Diamond

The design of the Mk.3 is to throw energies out into the world with the impact of an arrow surging from a point infinitely above the crown of the head and including the vehicle of the body… i.e. Earth. The vision that appeared was arrow-shaped Emerald rays clearing and cooling. The energy is felt to move through the spine, Infinitely Above and Below. The Gold, of course, representing the Yellow Realm within the Cosmic Mandala: the only realm where there exists the possibility of transformation within human form.

Marque 4 Six Spacer

The Alchymeic Intention held within this structure is the Heart Centre. The True Heart exists in three parts…. the left, middle and right sides. The emotional well of existence overwhelms the true capacity for Love. The Divine enters the Soul on the Right side of the Heart – the Heart Point or Self-Point – The left-side of the Heart is the Waking State hence the dimension we apprehend during the waking state.

The middle Heart is the Dream State. This is where all subtle dimensions exist, which is senior to the waking state. Therefore if you wish to influence or make changes in the gross physical this subtle dimension is where it is effective. Thus Eastern traditional medicine; Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Alchymie exist. Western Medicine is based on Reductionism – molecules and their interactions. This form of medicine does not take the subtle dimension into account.

The Right-Side is deep sleep – or the Causal Dimension which is senior to both the subtle and the gross vital, or waking states. The Right-Side of the Heart is apprehended through God Realization. It is the point that is Recognised as where the Transcendental meets the Cosmic or the Right side of the Heart, is a Black Hole in the Heart of Mankind (as a black hole is in physics). It is the point at which the Cosmos Dissolves. Thus the Mk.4 is the interaction of Energy work with the entire Heart Dimension.

Marque 5 Six Spacer

The colours are red and white, The stones are rubies and black sapphires with a central diamond.

The colours of the Hermetic process are evoked with this Spacer. The process begins with the black of Mineral Life, which under heat and pressure, turns white in the cauldron. Out of the Ashes, the red of the philosophers stone is created. The outer red is a hexagon, which is concentrating. The inner white is an octagram, which is dispersing. The octagram is made up of two overlapping squares, each one is exactly 2.2 inches, this being a proportional fraction of a cubit. Cubits are from the pharaonic measuring system, which is based on Cosmic Man.

Vision: The Radiant Light was revealed from above, coming to the point of entry therefore creating the inverted fractalised form, refracting down and again, Creating the splintering Light, of the Fractaliser below.

The red glow entered the field, as the creation of the Enlightened Form in the cauldron could be seen.

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